Girls Character Description

Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm writing a story now that has three girls as the main characters...I guess what I'm asking is how vague or detailed should I make the descriptions without getting boring? They are all Greek, skinny and pretty.


Go for one characterizing physical detail for each, and maybe a secondary one for the main persona.

After that, have them characterized by what they do and say or how others react to them.

[Ted Truscott]


An example of your current descriptions would help. Perhaps they are not as boring as you think.

For my female characters I use detail, I mainly describe the face first, then the hair and then (*ahem*) the body. I use a respectable description of course, don't mention the breasts for the love of god! Unless that's what you're writing...

I would need an example and perhaps I could improve on it for you!


What matters is if this is a story or a novel... in the latter, you have more time and opportunity to round out the characters both physically and emotionally... in a short story, you have to give a quick take on them that will still make the readers picture them and develop a like or dislike, as the case may be...

what you have is pretty boring and borders on an info dump... and, as anarkos wisely noted, if a detail isn't important to the plot, leave it out...