Lyrics Formation Questions

Friday, April 28, 2006


If you are to have say, three lines of lyrics of a made up song (no copyright problem), how should it be formatted? Should it be centered and separated by "#" above and below? Italics (underlined)?


That depends on where you're using it... if in a short story, or chapter of a novel, you can indent on both sides, but don't 'center' it... and italics aren't necessary...


The other do I create a header in Word to to show surname/title keyword/page as Shunn’s-ms format shows? There are other choices of headers but not that in header/footer. In "insert, auto text, auto text", there is an "author, title, page #" but how do you format it to yours and put it in the upper right corner. I need to add this header to all pages (not the first) after the story is written.
Any help would be appreciated.


First, go to 'file' menu and open 'page setup'... click on the 'layout' tab. Check the 'different first page box... then click 'ok' at the bottom...

next [before you start--or now--not after the story is written!] click on 'view' and select 'header and footer'... header box and outline will then show on your document... put cursor in header outline, then hit tab to take cursor to middle of page... type 'last name / title key word(s) / page #...

close header box... your header will now appear on all pages but the first, and your page numbers will change automatically, as you write...