Publish America--How Good is it/is it Worth it?

Friday, April 28, 2006


Hello every one! I'm just looking for some info about I had sent in a lil' submission to them and they replied back wanting my manuscript and blah blah blah. I was just wondering, before i send it in, is it worth it really? How good are they, anything hidden, etc. anything would be helpful from people who ether know about it, or have gone through it thanks.


Kinda funny. I actually sent them my manuscript and they said "Yeah, we want it, cool, great, wonderful" etc. And they sent me a sample contract.

I'm a bit wary though. I mean, I've heard a lot of talk about them (if you glance around this site a bit you might find some talk of them as well) and none of it is horrible.

But, and I know I will take some flack for saying this, I feel like they are just one eensy-weensy step above self-publishing. They have only online distribution, no shelf and a
LOT more of the legwork is up to you. Granted, legwork is not such a huge problem - and if you are afraid of it you shouldn't be trying to get published anyway - but they seem to be thinking you are going to be doing all of it.

In an age of gigantic bookstore chains and less mom-and-pop type places its much harder to talk your name onto shelves.

I would say submit your manuscript, see what they say, and then if they say yes, you can always say "no thanks"

As for me, I'm still considering it.


I heard that it's a scam. Not your usual type, and those feedbacks sound very pleasant but I suggest that you look elsewhere. A traditional publishing house is always better than those houses who guaranteed you success, I know it sounds great when we all can be published but it's a bit too good to come true, isn't it? I got my manuscript accepted too and let me tell you, it wasn't good at all. After many revisions, it still needs work, and I send them the second draft. You get my point? Good luck!