Difficulty in Starting Writing Stories or Books

Monday, May 01, 2006


Ok, so this seems to be my problem... I've got a few ideas for some books/stories that I wanna write... But the problem is, I have difficulty getting started. I write about a page, or so then I'm stuck. It's a pain in the ass, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get past this...



We all know what is inevitable:
The only known cure is to just push through. Tell yourself you are not going to quit until you have X words. Don't write anything that comes to your mind, though; in case of a block just sit in front of your keyboard until you have the right words. After that, sleep well and the next day it's another X words waiting for you.
If you are certain that your idea has potential then all there is left is some serious headbanging. You may feel that after 6.000 words your novel (/la or whatever) just isn't going to happen. Your style is crap, your dialogue is lame, and your font is Comic Sans. At that point brute force is most important. X words a day.
Finally you reach the end of your story, total Y words!. If you have remembered not to write unimportant stuff to reach your daily X words, you have Y great words and you have yourself a story!
(Then of course you have to totally rip it to pieces and edit its buttocks sore but that's a tale for another time.)
This makes writing sound like a hard job but it really is


Use one of my very own techniques I like to call flushing. Just take a break, and write down any words that come to you. The only rule is it can’t make sense. It sounds useless but it really has gotten me threw some writers blocks.


Maybe you should try developing your ideas more before you begin writing? It may help you start your story if you have an idea of where you're going with it.


When your brain shuts down and all you can write (if anything) is shit, STOP!
It's your subconscious telling you to get a life - recharge your experience batteries, give yourself something to write about. As I said somewhere else, life should only be a vicarious experience for your readers, not you.

Look at it another way. If you don't write today, will anyone die? Will you earn any less? No? Then why sweat it? Take a break, go out, enjoy life, and come back refreshed.

[Reviewed & edited by M.K Raza]